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What We Fund

It’s critical that we continue to support a stellar learning environment for our students and teachers.  While advocating for improved funding at the state level, the PTA mobilizes local volunteers and monetary support.

Where Does the Money Go?

Revenue: $148,000
Student Programs & Resources: $54,500 (37%)
Teachers & Staff Appreciation: $52,950 (35%)
Parent/Family Engagement: $27,750 (18%)
Education Advocacy: $10,000 (7%)
Admin: $4800 (3%)

Based on the 2022-2023 Approved Annual Budget for the CBCS PTA

The PTA invests $150 per student back into our school:
$74 Student Programs & Resources
$30 Teacher Appreciation
$28 Parent and Family Engagement
$12 Education Advocacy & Community Outreach
$6 Admin and General Expenses

Business Sponsorships and Family Underwriting begin at $250

Beyond the Dollar

The true value of the PTA goes beyond the money we raise. Volunteers spend countless hours supporting our teachers and students as PTA leaders, room parents, cafeteria help, and event organizers. They see to it that the best CBCS traditions continue, like delivering dinner to teachers during Parent Teacher Conferences and lining up the latest games and activities to make After Prom unforgettable. Here’s a glance at what we support at CBCS, through the power of the dollars we raise and our time:

Elementary School

Wednesday Workshops
Enrichment Program
Morning Mile
Celebrate the Beat
Cafeteria Help
Parent Education
Room Parent Program
Newcomers Welcome
Field Day
Original Works
School Supplies

Secondary School

Enrichment Program
Choice Pass, GCSAAP
Parent Education
Grade Parent Program
Student-Led Projects
HS Awards Breakfast
Weight Room
Engineering Program


Wellness Program
Staff Appreciation Meals
Classroom Resources
Special Grants
Birthday Gift Cards
Classroom Volunteers
Room & Grade Parents
Year-End Giving


Participating in:
School Accountability Committee
GWSD School Board Meetings

Volunteering & Organizing for:
Initiative 63
School Bond

Volunteer Coordinating

Cafeteria Supervisors
Classroom & Enrichment helpers
PTA Leadership Team
Fundraising & Social Events
Outreach & Community Organizing

Parent Communications & Community Connections

Membership Meetings
Instagram / Facebook
News stories
Banners and school promotions
PTA & Community Events Calendar

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