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Become a Sub

Substitute teachers are critical for our school, especially now with staff shortages. Learn how to become a sub below and read one parent’s take on what it is like to be a substitute.

How to Become a Sub

  1. First, download and complete the Substitute Application
  2. Email your application to JoAnn Klingsmith at at the Gunnison Watershed School District.
  3. Once JoAnn receives your application, she will contact you via email with the next steps.

Beth's Story

I recently applied to become a substitute teacher at CBCS, knowing that our teachers, administrators, and office staff need licensed substitutes to cover classes so they can continue their jobs without interruption. Many teachers and administrators (including our amazing Superintendent!) have stepped up to cover classes when a teacher is sick or their child/family member is sick, and they cannot be at school because CBCS simply does not have substitutes that reliably show up.  Our school is full of incredible professionals who are always willing to help, so let’s help them out.  

I started substituting in January, and every day multiple teachers would stop me in the hallways and thank me for coming in. It’s not just a job, it’s a way to support our community, and they greatly appreciate it. I made mistakes, had questions, and was anxious about not meeting all the children’s needs; luckily, several teachers, as well as administration, came in to check on me to see how they could support me. Several teachers showed me different things regarding technology, class groupings, and the various procedures to help our day run smoothly. I am grateful to be part of a school and community that cares so much about our children.  

Kind Regards,

Beth Weber
CBCS Parent, CBCS Substitute, PTA Volunteer

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