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Annual sponsors are businesses, families or community members who help underwrite the PTA programs that impact students and teachers. Sponsorships are the BIGGEST source of funding the PTA receives and are vital to the level of support we can provide to our school.

Sponsors will be recognized on the PTA website, on social media, & in print, in the Crested Butte Newspaper, & via a certificate/sign provided to display at your business or residence. Higher levels receive more prominent recognition.

Learning Enrichment Sponsor: $5000

Provides affordable extracurricular programming accessible to all ~750 students at CBCS. These programs include the Enrichment Program, Wednesday Workshops, ChoicePass, Celebrate the Beat, free onsite tutoring services, and more.

Equip the Classroom Sponsor: $2500

Provides resources to the school that enhance a student’s learning and development. Examples have included weight room equipment, AP Art Memory Project, Field Day, Seek the Peak, technology, and more. Specific opportunities are to be determined throughout the year.

Education Advancement Sponsor: $1500

Supports community outreach, communications, and key partnerships that advocate for the interests of K-12 children, students, teachers/staff, and policies at the district, state, and federal levels. This is an important way to foster a more financially sustainable impact for our school. 

Teacher Appreciation Sponsor: $1000

Provides monthly catered meals and other acts of appreciation (like birthday gift cards) to the ~95 teachers/staff of CBCS. Staff meals help show community appreciation for educators while also fostering an enjoyable way to teachers and staff to connect with, and support, one another. 

Wellness Program Sponsor: $750

Provides free sessions of professional wellness services (e.g., acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, etc.) to teachers and staff. Services are conveniently offered on-site and provide restorative support to school staff each month.

School Sponsor: $500

Allows PTA to respond to funding priorities, as informed by school leadership and set by our member-voted annual budget priorities. Also includes special requests from teachers/staff, or any unexpected needs, that may arise during the school year.

Workshop Sponsor: $250

Sponsors one 6-week session in the Enrichment Program or Wednesday Workshops. These programs provide free or low-cost extracurricular and after-school options for families. 

In-Kind Donations

For opportunities to be recognized as an In-Kind Sponsor (such as inclusion in the Fall Festival Meal Packages or the Spring Silent Auction, or for branded swag incentives throughout the year), or if you have questions, please contact:

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