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Leadership Team

Without our leadership team volunteers, we wouldn’t exist.  This group of parents gives their time and energy, ensuring our school thrives.

VP, Elementary: Morgan Qualls

VP, Secondary: Jen Willet

PTA President: Margaux Helevy

Board Officers

President: Margaux Helvey
VP, Elementary: Morgan Qualls
VP, Secondary: Jen Willet
Treasurer: Katy Mattson
Assistant Treasurer: Laurie Voegeli
Secretary: Annie Davis

PTA President: Margaux Helvey

2nd Grader, Preschooler
I believe it takes a village to raise our kids, and we all go through seasons of being more (or less) available to help. I hope every parent has a chance to volunteer, donate, or advocate on behalf of their kids– but there are times when we simply do not have that capacity. The PTA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping ALL kids achieve their full potential. Our kids benefit from an engaged and collaborative community, and as parents, we benefit from each other when we take turns showing up for our kids and this school.
Margaux Helevy

PTA Leads

VP, Operations: Leigh Paulsen

VP, Fundraising: Emily Henkel

VP, Communications: Annie Davis

VP, Policy: Jen Fahrenbruch

VP, Teacher/Staff Programs: Sylvia Salcedo

Membership Chair: Samantha

McMahon Membership Co-Chair (Teacher/Staff): Mollye Erickson 

Leadership Teams

Elementary (K-5) Team

VP, Elementary – Morgan Qualls

Cafeteria Volunteers – Allie Pugh

Wed Workshops / Enrichment – Susan Beltz

Morning Mile – Beth Weber, Melissa Wozniak

3rd Grade Fundraiser Chair

4th Grade Fundraiser Chair

5th Grade Fundraiser Chair

Room Parents – TBD

Secondary (6-12) Team

VP, Secondary – Jen Willett

GCSAAP / Choice Pass – Ali Jeppe 

After Prom – Lara Ramsey

Advisors – Lacy Kaufmann, Suzanne Hadley

HS Awards Breakfast – TBD

Scholarships – TBD

Grade Parents – TBD

Teacher/Staff Team

Wellness Program – Sylvia Salcedo

Teacher Appreciation – Lauren Dimon

Classroom Resources / Grants – Mollye Erickson

Communications Team

VP, Communications – Annie Davis

Website – Samantha McMahon 

Social Media – Victoria Wise

PR/Marketing/Copywriting – Cassie Pence

Graphic Design – Melissa Fenlon

Photos – TBD

Videos – TBD

Education Advocacy Team

VP, Policy – Jen Fahrenbruch

Bond – Brian Pugh

Initiative 63 – Kelly Jo Clark

SAAC Liaison – Becca Stofac

DAC Liaison – Suzanne Hadley

Fundraising & Special Events Chairs

VPs, Fundraising – Jen Fahrenbruch, Emily Henkel

Sponsorships – Emily Henkel

Back To School Events – TBD

Welcome & Social Events – TBD

Fall Fundraiser  – TBD

Spring Fundraiser – TBD

July 4 Parade – TBD

Ball Bash – TBD

Finance Committee

VP, Operations – Leigh Paulsen

Treasurer – Katy Mattson

Membership Chair – Samantha McMahon

Nominating Committee

VP, Operations – Leigh Paulsen

VP, Communications – Annie Davis

Secretary – Sue Gross

Membership Committee

Membership Chair– Samantha McMahon

Membership Co-Chair (Teacher/Staff): Mollye Erickson

VP, Elementary: Morgan Qualls

VP, Secondary: Jen Willett

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