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PTA advocacy efforts include working with multiple organizations or coalitions through grassroots collaboration, raising public awareness on critical issues and developing advocacy training for their membership to create a larger voice from the community to influence positive change.

Gunnison Watershed School District

The Crested Butte Community School K-12 is part of the Gunnison Watershed School District (GWSD). As always, but especially since the pandemic, many important decisions have been made at the School Board level. There are currently four representatives from “South Round Mountain” (primarily Gunnison area residents) and one representative from “North Round Mountain” (primarily Crested Butte residents). However, all five school board members are tasked with representing the best interests of the whole district. For this reason, we encourage you to stay informed and involved.

GWSD School Board Members

School District meetings are typically held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. If the Board of Education needs to change a meeting date, it will be noted on the District Website. 

All meetings can be accessed virtually via zoom. You can view a complete list of meetings and working sessions, learn how to access the meetings, review the agendas, read the school board policy, and find other useful information on the district website. 

School Accountability Committee (SAC)

All public schools in Colorado must have a School Accountability Committee. The SAC meetings are governed by elected representatives, including parents, teachers, administrators, and students. CBCS attendees typically include the school principals, the district superintendent, the district school board member, and other elected officers.

This group meets once per month and is open to anyone to attend. Your PTA leadership team regularly attends these meetings, and we encourage all parents interested in understanding more about your school to attend. They are held monthly via zoom and on location at CBCS. Save the date for the first Tuesdays of the month at 4 pm.

District Accountability Committee (DAC)

View more HERE.

PTA Love Your School Heart

Areas of Interest to the CBCS PTA

School Bond
If the School Board approves, this will be going on the ballot in November 2022. The PTA supports this initiative. The Crested Butte Community School has already reached capacity and some teaching sessions are even meeting in the hallways. There is not sufficient office space for staff, with many staff members having to use the library tables to work on a daily basis. Most important though, the school was designed prior to recent best practices regarding school safety, such as the location of administrative offices. A school bond in November, if approved by voters, would allow all schools in the Gunnison Watershed District to come up to safety and sufficiency standards.  Information has been shared throughout the last year of school board meetings and can be reviewed in the minutes. More information will be shared in the upcoming months. We encourage you to stay informed and to encourage others to stay informed.

Initiative 63

Info coming.  Read more HERE.

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