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Public Education is on the Ballot

The upcoming election is essential for our WHOLE COMMUNITY, especially students and families. Along with our state advocacy partner, Great Education Colorado, we recommend Yes on Prop HH, a rare opportunity to reduce property taxes without reducing school funding. And Yes on Prop II to increase preschool access for more children without additional tax dollars. Regarding the school board election, the PTA does not endorse particular candidates, but we update our website with information about upcoming forums to help inform voters.

Volunteer with us, spread the word, or lend your unique skills to get out the vote this November. Stay in the loop and learn more about the upcoming election. Your involvement is invaluable and deeply appreciated!

November 7th: The First Contested School Board Election in 34 Years

On November 7th, six candidates will compete for three open Gunnison Watershed School Board spots. This is the first time in over three decades that the district has more running candidates than open seats. In the last 34 years, the number of candidates running for the Gunnison Watershed School Board has not exceeded the available spots, so each election since 1989 has been canceled.

The PTA is asking the whole community to stay informed about the upcoming election, as it will have real implications for the policies enacted in our schools and the future of our community. As more significant policy debates seep into school board agendas and elections across the nation, it is imperative that the voting public learn about the candidates and vote for the representatives that best align with their values and the values of this community. 


School Board Candidates – Listed Alphabetically:

Brookhart, Anne – Colorado SOS Link

Coleman, Jody  – Colorado SOS Link

Dobson, Cori Leanne – Colorado SOS Link

Henry, Lisa – Colorado SOS Link

Kruthaupt, Greg – Colorado SOS Link

VanderVeer, Mark – Colorado SOS Link

Voter Registration Information

Now is the time to make a plan to vote this coming November. If you aren’t registered to vote or need to update your information, you can do so on the Gunnison County Elections Office website. If you are a mail-in ballot voter, you’ll receive your ballot in the mail in late October, to complete and return via post, or drop off at a designated drop-off location. Or if you wait until the last minute, hit the polls on November 7th; in Colorado, you can register to vote on Election Day. Just make sure you get in the voting line by 7 pm. Information about voting and dropbox locations can be found here.

The PTA is a 501c3 nonprofit and will not endorse specific candidates. To learn more about the candidates, go to their websites, review the local paper, or attend one of the upcoming candidate forums.

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