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New Family & Community Liaison

The Crested Butte Community School Parent Teacher Association (CBCS PTA) and The Crested Butte Rotary Club have joined forces to launch a new Family and Community Liaison pilot program, starting January 2023, at the elementary school.  

This part-time, short-term position will provide staffing support for CBCS in the areas of family engagement, volunteer management, and communications. In essence, this person would act as a conduit between the school, families, and community organizations.

During the pilot, the selected applicant will also assess and report on the long-term potential impacts of the program by conducting a needs assessment, researching other models, interviewing stakeholders, and exploring funding opportunities.

“Historically, the school has benefited from engaged families, a strong PTA, and strong community partners, like Rotary,” CBCS PTA President Margaux Helvey said. “But as volunteers, we can only do so much. With a permanent role in the school, we are deepening these supportive structures at the school. We will see a multiplier effect regarding volunteer engagement and family and community connections. We will see an increase in resources and, ultimately, an increase in the potential for every student at CBCS.”

Like the PTA, the CB Rotary is an organization that values community and business “connectedness.” volunteer services, and youth education, so it made sense to pool funding for a common goal and launch a 6-month (Phase 1) pilot program from Jan 2023-June 2023 to develop and test what could eventually become a permanent Family & Community Liaison staff position at CBCS.

The pilot program also includes grant research and identifying a long-term sustainable funding model. Ultimately, if successful and viable, this position could be replicated across other GWSD schools.

Qualifications for the Family and Community Liaison include good communication and organizational skills, being well-versed in website and social media management, self-directed and solution-oriented, and having the ability to form relationships and connections across the community. Fundraising and volunteer management experience is preferred, as well as experience in education and program development.

Interested in the Position?

Interested applicants are encouraged to submit a resume and cover letter to CBCS Elementary Principal Sally Hensley (, cc’ing Margaux Helevy (

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