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End of Year Giving FAQs

Where does my donation go?

100% of funds collected will be redistributed directly to teachers and staff in the form of Visa Gift Cards (the PTA cannot give cash). The more we collect, the more they will receive. The PTA will also contribute any remaining budget from our Teacher Appreciation line item to supplement the direct giving from parents. 

I have more than one kid in the school..

On the checkout page, you’ll see a line for Elementary, Secondary, and Support Staff. Please give according to the number of students you have, and please consider Support Staff. It’s helpful for some people to think of what they give to ski instructors or coaches at the end of season. 

Which teachers receive the gift cards?

We want to acknowledge that every member of the CBCS Staff makes learning possible for our children – from the bus drivers to the classroom teachers, the front office staff to the specials teachers, each elective teacher in secondary, the counselors, and everyone in between. Gift cards will be distributed in equal amounts to each staff member (adjusted for part-time versus full-time.) 

We already picked something out for our teacher…

Participation is COMPLETELY optional. You are welcome to do your own thing! This is simply a convenience that the PTA offers in service to parents (and because who doesn’t love a Visa Gift Card?!) Room Parents will not be taking up a separate collection. Teachers will not be notified of donor names.

Our finances are tight right now…

There is absolutely no obligation. In fact, we have adopted this approach to create a more equitable way for people to show appreciation, by pooling collective resources. Any amount you donate is meaningful. We all go through seasons that are more challenging than others, and we are here for each other. The PTA’s mission is to be there for all children and all families. Do what works for your family!

How will my teacher know I donated?

Teachers will not be notified of specific donations– Instead, we encourage you and your child to write a card to your teacher noting that you made a contribution to their year-end gift. 

Can I donate via cash or check instead? 

Sure! Please reply to this email, and we will arrange a handoff. You can even VenMo @crestedbuttepta

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