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As you may have heard, our school is in dire need of substitute teachers. Typically, CBCS has 15 on-call subs, but right now the list is down to a handful of dedicated individuals. They simply can’t keep up with an unprecedented demand for subs, largely due to Covid-related absences.   

This shortage is taking its toll on staff and teachers doing their best to help each other through an already difficult year. To help them and our students, the CBCS PTA has set a goal to recruit 10 new on-call substitutes. We unanimously voted to reallocate $5,000 from our Teacher and Staff Appreciation budget to incentivize substitute teaching. Throughout January and February, substitute teachers will receive a $100 City Market gift card for every day they sub (up to $300 max per person through February, 2022).

We know this is a temporary fix to a larger issue affecting schools across the nation. The local economy and the added strain of the pandemic have made it nearly impossible to recruit subs, and we remain committed to helping the school work toward long-term solutions.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll help us in our efforts by becoming a substitute teacher or underwriting this temporary program. You don’t have to be a professional educator to benefit our kids as a sub, and temporary substitutes are welcome.

Learn how to become a sub below and read one parent’s take on what it is like to be a substitute. You can also help us by donating. Financial contributions will help us keep the program going after February and fully fund Teacher and Staff Appreciation. (With a robust list of 15 active subs, we expect these funds to go fast!) You can also contact Margaux Helvey, PTA President at to discuss underwriting. Thank you!


  1. First, download and complete the Substitute Application
  2. Email application to JoAnn Klingsmith at
  3. Once JoAnn receives your application, she will contact you via email with the next steps.


Dear Fellow Community Members,

I recently applied to become a substitute teacher at CBCS knowing that our teachers, administrators, and office staff need licensed substitutes to cover classes so they can continue their jobs without interruption. Many teachers and administrators (including our amazing Superintendent!) have stepped up to cover classes when a teacher is sick or their child/family member is sick and they cannot be at school because CBCS simply does not have substitutes that reliably show up.  Our school is full of incredible professionals who are always willing to help, so let’s help them out.  

I started substituting in January, and every day multiple teachers would stop me in the hallways and thank me for coming in. It’s not just a job, it’s a way to support our community and they greatly appreciate it. I made mistakes, had questions, and was anxious about not meeting all the children’s needs; luckily several teachers as well as administration came in to check on me to see how they could support me. Several teachers showed me different things regarding technology, class groupings, and the various procedures to help our day run smoothly. I am so grateful to be part of a school and community that cares so much about our children.  

If you have one day a week, or even just one day a month, please take the steps above to become a licensed substitute.

Here are some questions I had about subbing:

How long does it take to become a sub?

Once you complete the forms and go for fingerprints, you can be certified, but depending on your credentials (such as high school diploma or higher degrees), you may be able to start immediately. Once you fill out the forms, someone from the administration will contact you. 

What does it pay? 

The pay is $100 a day, and for every 5 days you work (does not have to be consecutive), you receive a bonus of $100 from the District.  Our phenomenal PTA is adding to that with an additional incentive by giving you a $100 “gas & grocery” gift card to City Market for every single day that you substitute (up to $300 max per person through February, 2022). They recognize there is an added hardship for those traveling to CB for work, or those bearing a higher cost of living here, and want to help us attract more workforce here. THANK YOU PTA!

What if I just want to volunteer? 

You still need to go through the application process and be on payroll, due to liabilities. But you are always welcome to “pay it forward” by re-gifting your bonuses or making a donation to the PTA. If you’d like to volunteer in other ways, sign up here

What if I’ve never done this before?

Call the school and let Sandra and Abby know your availability and what your comfort level is. Maybe you love older kids who are independent, so you only want to work with middle and high school students. You might prefer the little ones who just want to sit at your feet and hear stories, so you’d prefer elementary. If you want to help everyone, let them know to put you on both lists!   

Will this really help? Am I the best person for these kids right now?

When you show up, you make a profound difference. It’s not just helping the students, but it’s directly helping and relieving our overburdened teachers and staff.  I know we are all exhausted and cannot possibly think of taking on one more thing….but our teachers have been on the front lines of the pandemic for two years. We are so lucky to have some of the best in education working with our kids; we don’t want them to burn out and find a different profession. We want them to be able to take the day off to stay home and get well, or help their children/family members get well and not have to feel like they cannot leave their post. 

I love this community and want to say thank you for raising these awesome humans!  It takes a village.

Kind Regards,

Beth Weber
CBCS Parent, CBCS Substitute, PTA Volunteer