CBCS needs you!  There are many volunteer opportunities from which to choose!

Did you know? National Volunteer Appreciation Week is coming up in April, so we’re celebrating all month. This has certainly been The Year of the Volunteers! We’ve had over 75 volunteers serving over 265 shifts in the cafeteria so far this year. That’s incredible!

We also have over 25 volunteer Room & Grade Parents and countless volunteers showing up to help at fundraising events, in your classrooms, and in so many other ways that we’re not even tracking. Many of you volunteer to coach sports teams, help with Booster Club, drive carpools when the buses stopped, and simply “be the village’ for each others’ kids when help is needed. You run SAAC meetings, you educate and rally the community, you volunteer hours-upon-hours to help pass a bond to improve our kids’ safety. 

Behind the scenes, 31 of you have volunteered in various PTA leadership positions this year, coordinating school supplies, communicating with room parents, running websites and social, planning events, coordinating with principals, the superintendent and school board, creating cool experiences for our kids like Morning Mile, bringing catered meals to teachers, bookkeeping, problem solving, strategizing, mobilizing, and engaging others.

All of that volunteer power has a positive impact on our school and our kids’ education, and that is what the PTA mission is all about: to engage and empower families and communities to advocate for all children. I’ve only been involved with the PTA for a little over a year, but it has been a year when our school needed families to rally more than ever. I have been so encouraged and impressed by all of you!

To all of you volunteers… thank you. You put the “YAY” in PTA!

-Margaux Helvey