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  • 2022-2023 Sponsorship Drive

    This fall, the Crested Butte Community School PTA is asking you to show some love for your school during our “Love Your School” Fall Sponsorship and Underwriting Drive.

  • Volunteer Signups

    Our cafeteria is back open but still short-staffed – volunteers needed for Elementary lunch help. Volunteers also needed each morning for 30-minutes before school starts in the Morning Mile program.

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Welcome to our new PTA website! We hope this will be a valuable tool for parent engagement, with easy access to Membership Toolkit, SignUp Genius, and a full Events Calendar. We’ll add great content as the year rolls on, so keep checking back. And if you’re new to Crested Butte Community School, we can’t wait to welcome you personally. Please sign up for our newsletter or contact us directly.

2022-2023 Sponsorship Drive

Help us reach our goal: $50k this fall!
Our school needs generous businesses and families like yours to help bridge the gap between essential programming and the limitations of state public funding. Private dollars are necessary to help cover the costs of after-school enrichment programs, teacher appreciation, substitute teacher incentives, and free tutoring services for all students. We are grateful to our many  sponsors for underwriting these vital programs and services.

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Upcoming Featured Events

Remember: Registration closes on 10/20/22.

PTA Sponsorship Drive

Help us reach our fundraising goals by Oct 31!e


The PTA (Parent-Teacher Association), at its core, is about engaging and connecting parents and families with teachers and the school community. More than 85 research studies conducted over the past 30 years prove that kids do better when parents are involved. Grades are higher. Test scores improve. Attendance increases.


To ensure each child’s potential to thrive, we recognize that our school, its teachers and staff, and the families within our school, may need additional resources beyond what our state budget allows. When students and teachers are equipped and empowered, they have the potential to thrive.


PTA is the oldest and largest child advocacy association in America. Today, the issues that affect our children extend beyond their individual schools. PTAs provide parents with the forum and tools to collectively influence the decisions that affect children not only at their schools but also throughout their districts, within their states, and across the nation. 

The PTA has been a constant support in my classroom.  They are always offering to help, providing opportunities for additional funds to sponsor innovative projects, they are a positive presence in the school and provide useful resources to teachers.  ~ CBCS Teacher

We appreciate EVERYTHING that you do to support teachers and staff.  We feel very loved and supported by you all.  ~ CBCS Teacher

The Memory Project, which the PTA funds, connects our students with children from another part of the world by drawing portraits of the kids and then sending the art to the kids.  It creates some cultural awareness of how different our lives are from other people around the world.  ~ CBCS Teacher

Without the PTA, I would definitely feel alone in all of this.

Love the staff luncheons, coffee cart, massages, and chiropractic care.  ~ CBCS Teacher

Thank you very much for all the work you do, it’s greatly appreciated!!!!

The teacher wellness program has been so amazing!  After a long day/week, it is so nice to walk down to the library and take a yoga class or have a 15-30 minute restorative treatment once a month.  I look forward to it all month long!  I usually don’t leave the school until much later than 3:45 because I am still working, so it makes it hard to schedule anything during the school week.

The volunteers in the school this year were awesome!

Thank you for supporting me financially (classroom supplies) and emotionally (the coffee and food that boosts my morale)!  It is so nice to feel valued and supported.

Just a thousand thank yous!  Your support is felt and it matters.

Thank you for celebrating our staff and helping us continually.  From meals that have been provided to volunteers packing lunches to volunteers in the lunchroom, I have never seen such a supportive PTA.  Thank you!

The CBCS PTA is awesome.  They are so supportive of teachers and think of great ways to help us feel appreciated.

PTA Programs

Kids playing

Events & programs for grades K-5 students & families.


Events & programs for grades 6-12 students & families.


Events & programs to support our teachers and staff.


Information on policies & ways to advocate for our school.


Ways to get involved and offer your time and talents to CBCS.

Thank You for Your Support

We are a Colorado 501c3 non-profit in good standing, relying 100% on volunteers and private contributions.  Your support matters.

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