Let’s Keep Our Kids Safe!

Dear High School Parents, 

Teens live in a world that is more complex than ever. Online dating apps are widely used among adults, but may be dangerous for our kids – and our kids are using them. Tinder, in particular, is easy to access, requires no credit card or age verification, and tracks and shares the user’s location. Here is a very helpful article to help you understand how Tinder works and the risks it may pose to teens. Please talk with your kids about this important topic. Need more information?

Take a look at this study and visit Common Sense Media for more information. 

Upcoming youth programming opportunities

  • Kids Cook! Home Alone Course: Mountain Roots invites kids ages 10-16 to join the Mountain Roots Kids Cook! “Home Alone” Course. In this 6 week course, students will learn to make simple nutritious recipes that they can make on their own at home. Maybe they will even make some for you!  March 24th-April 28th Wednesdays 4:00 pm-6:00 pm at the 8th Street School in Gunnison. $125 registration. $20 Choice Pass discount available. Scholarships are available. If you would like to reserve a spot please email lily@mountainrootsfoodproject.org
  • Irwin Guides Outdoor Youth Leadership Program – The Irwin Guides Outdoor Youth Leadership Program will be June 13-18. Learn skills and leadership on this five day river and mountain experience. Open to youth ages 14-18 with the ability to learn and explore together among peers. Demonstration of motivation, leadership experience, and interest in the outdoors. Adequate fitness for a week of intense outdoor challenges. Application due may 10th. $300 for Choice Pass youth and $410 for other youth. Visit https://www.choicepass.net/outdoor-youth-leadership-program for the program application. Contact emirza@gunnisoncounty.org or 970-641-7612 for application (released April 1st) and questions. Limited spaces!


ALL PARENTS MUST ATTEND ONE PARENT EDUCATION NIGHT (in addition to sign-up nights). You will not be eligible for the program next year if you do not attend an education night. Parent events during the 2020-2021 year will be hosted primarily through online platforms. These virtual events are free and open to any community member and young people over the age of 12. Links will be shared here closer to the event dates. 

Vaping and How To Have Trusted Adult Conversations – 4/6

This workshop will summarize national, state and local data, trends, and culture of youth use for electronic nicotine devices, e-cigarettes, and vaping. Explain the policies, laws, and health effects related to vaping. Use trusted adult principles to have conversations with young people the use of electronic nicotine devices, e-cigarettes, and vaping. Educate on community resources that support youth prevention and cessation. If you attended last year there will be some repetition with the trusted adult portion but new data, trends, and health effects will the shared.

Presenters – Emily Mirza, Betty Sue Gurk, and Kyle Tibbett 

We recorded Dr. Jason Kilmer’s presentation is on the website. A great resource for those of you who could not attend or if you missed parts. Here is the link: https://www.choicepass.net/20192020

Cindy Pierce presented on January 25th and 26th to youth and adults on topics that include social hosting. If you missed the presentation below is the link for Investing in the Long Game of Social and Sexual Health for Our Kids.

If you view the presentation, please complete the survey to receive parent education credit.

This presentation will provide parents with information, research and perspective about how party norms, hookup culture and social media create complicated social terrain for teens. To better support teens, it is important for parents to build a toolbox of conversation skills. It can be challenging to sort through the myths, community norms and pressure from other parents to create emotional and physical safety. By debunking myths and highlighting current research, I hope to instill more conviction in parents who are ready to reconsider and challenge accepted norms. Investing in the long-term wellbeing of our kids requires us to actively engage in awkward and uncomfortable conversations. My hope is to inspire parents to set aside fears and discomfort and establish boundaries and rules that align with their values. I encourage parents to consider their own role in helping their children grow up to have healthy attitudes and to make healthy choices about sex and alcohol.

Over 40 local businesses will continue to offer discounts this school year including Gunnison Rec Center annual pass and Crested Butte Mountain Resort winter ski passes. More information on pricing and ski pass purchase will be released in the coming weeks. For more information and for a list of discounts and free products, go to www.choicepass.net.

Thank you,
The Choice Pass Committee

Ski Pass:

Choice Ski Passes are on sale! They are $139.00 plus tax and families can purchase online. The credits from last year’s passes will be applied. They suggest if you have the email or letter with the credit to have it on hand but they should be able to locate the credit in their system.

Choice Ski Passes can no longer be purchased over the phone. The ticket office is open at the base area 7 days a week from 8am-4pm. You can purchase passes in person at the office. If you have previously left a message, they are currently working through the voicemails and calling folks back to purchase.

Below are some useful resources for parents from CBMR about how to reserve days.

First steps to using your account:

  1. Log into epicpass.com, using the email address that you get emails from.
    1. If you do not know your password you may use the “forgot my password” tool.
  2. Verify that you and your family members have passes in your account.
  3. Sign your waiver and set your home mountain (Choice passes will be CB, of course).
  4. Now you are ready to book!
    1. You can only book your core season (12/8/20 – 4/4/21) using your 7 priority days. This means your first bookable day is 12/8.
    2. If you are trying to guarantee early season skiing, you must book weekly.
    3. Our first few days of the season will become available on 11/18 at 1pm MST, and are available to passholders only.
    4. Choice pass, Epic local, CB only, all valid passes. No buddy tickets until the core season begins! You CAN still purchase an epic 1-7 day pass!
  5. Your booked days are visible under “epic coverage.”

If you have any account troubles, our website has chat bubbles available, which will get your problem solved by real sales agents. Including password resets.

If you need to speak to someone about your (NOT CHOICE PASS) pass you can call 970-754-0005, or 970-754-0095. Both are active call queues.

Link to check reservation availability: https://www.epicpass.com/plan-your-trip/lift-access/check-availability.aspx?submit=yes       

Link to Epic Coverage Policy: https://www.epicpass.com/info/epic-coverage.aspx

Backcountry Ski Days – For youth who have completed the Avalanche Safety Course through Irwin Guides or an AIARE course in the past there is the opportunity to do a guided backcountry ski day with Colorado Backcountry. You will need to provide your own touring skis or split board and avalanche safety gear. Choice Pass and help pay for gear if needed. It is $30 for the guided day. RSVP to emirza@gunnisoncounty.org to reserve a space!

March 7th
March 14th

Social distancing and COVID-19 has created many unique challenges and concerns that we all have to adapt to daily. Below are some links for parents and families to support their adolescent.

Please, reach out with any concerns or questions.

Emily Mirza
Youth Programming Coordinator
Gunnison County Dept. of Juvenile Services
200 E. Virginia Ave, Gunnison Co 81230
p: 970-641-7612
e: emirza@gunnisoncounty.org
Pronouns: she, her, hers

Donate to the Choice Pass Component Fund here –https://cfgv.networkforgood.com/projects/83316-choice-pass

Youth Wellness and Mental Health Information

Crested Butte Youth Wellness requested that the following information be shared with parents of the Crested Butte Community School.  Good mental health is integral to our children’s success.  Please take a moment to read their letter to the community.  Thank you.

 Dear Trusted Adults and Community Members,

     As members of the community that are trusted by the youth, we would like to share an opportunity with you so you can pass it along to the Crested Butte youth. This past spring and summer a group of students created a program called Crested Butte Youth Wellness to allow for 2 free counseling sessions to be available for teens ages 12 and up. This program gives the youth an opportunity to meet with professional counselors for a confidential discussion.

With the goal of improving the mental health of our youth, we hope that you, as trusted adults, will share this opportunity with the teens in the community, and make it an encouraged resource. Stress, anxiety, addiction, relationships, family conflicts, COVID-19, emotional abuse, depression, suicide, and school are just some of the topics that could be covered. We want all youth to feel comfortable seeking help and professional discussion/advice.

     We encourage that the youth reach out to us via our email address to make an appointment. Additionally, more information can be found on our website regarding our program and available sign up times.  

     Mental health is important to take care of, and now more than ever our youth need support. As this program is for the youth, please respect their wishes in whether or not they want to use this opportunity, however please make them aware that they have Crested Butte Youth Wellness free counseling as an option. 

     We want to thank the Town of Crested Butte and Town of Mt. Crested Butte for financially supporting this program.

Thank you for your time and happy summer!

Crested Butte Youth Wellness 

website:  www.youthwellnessco.com

email:  youthwellness@gunnisoncounty.org