Room + Grade Parents

Do You Know Your Room Parent?

Our Room and Grade Parents will keep you informed about important dates and events. Room Parents are liaisons between parents and teachers; feel free to get in touch with yours and ask questions or offer to help!

If you are interested in being a ROOM OR GRADE PARENT for the 2020-21 school year please email!



Fischer – Carolyn Cerio

HammerJen Jeffrey

Piccaro – Jennifer Verdecchia

1st Grade:

Dickerson – Monique Merrill

Frame – Jodi Zatorski

2nd Grade:

Debnam – Kiley Sahr and Jennifer Willett

O’Connell – Kiley Sahr and Aspen Maltby

Wilson – Sunni Hamilton, Kelly Morris and Lori Mason

2nd/3rd Grade:

Weise – Melissa Mason:

3rd Grade: 

Essig – Tara Spencer

Luna – Lacy Kaufmann:

4th Grade:

Collins – Tisha Swan and Emily Miller

Poppe – Sunni Hamilton and Kelly Morris

Young – Aimee Dryer

5th Grade:

Gauley – Sara Wynes

Kirby – Sue Gross

Polster – Laurie Voegeli

6th Grade: Tracy Hastings

7th Grade:  Laurie Voegeli

8th Grade: Lacy Kaufmann

Freshman: Tracy Hastings

Sophomore: Corrie White

Junior: Annaliese Houseman

Senior:  TBA