SAAC (School Advisory Accountability Committee)

Wednesday October 3, 2018

  1. Summary of SAAC mission and responsibilities were discussed.  Joel talked about the bylaws & passed a copy around.  Joel & Sumaya created a timeline of goals to achieve mission.  The SAAC is mandated by a State statute. More parent engagement is a goal.  Safety at school.  New this year-evaluate principal.  This committee is derived from a collaborative decision making approach that has been very effective in the past. Joel expressed his & Sumaya’s excitement at continuing the positive role of the committee.
  2. Old Business:  Membership & Officers for 2018/2019 school year.  Motion to approve the slate of members: Lindsay motion, Molly 2nd.
  3. New Business: 
  • School Performance Framework reports: Sally reported first.  Colorado Dept of Education takes CMAS results & demographic information to create a framework to rate performance.  Data from the last study had 2 groups “approaching”-this year all groups have met the performance standard.  CBES received 75/100 points assessed.  This is good-but there is still work to do.  Significant changes were made to English Language Arts over the past 2 years.  Implementing “Being a Reader program” to address areas that could be improved.  CBES was allowed to add curriculum specialists to help make these changes/improvements.  Funding for this came from the school district and Fund 26.  This is Susan Beltz’s new position.  This has helped w/the success of these changes.  Teachers are also working in groups.  In Math-CBES meets all necessary percentiles.  Currently curriculum is in the 4th year of Math improvement-enrichment and supplemental pieces were added to address wide range of learners.  Science:  scores are good here.  New standards have been set in the State.  There may be a dip in CMAS scores b/c the test will be testing the old standards.  All assessments are done on computers.  This is challenging for young students.  Sally is thrilled overall w/the results of this performance framework.   Stephanie spoke to MS/HS framework.  Overall academic achievement continues to be good.  The school scored 87.5/100 possible points.  The biggest area of improvement in Middle school continues to be in the areas of ELL-English Language Learners and students with academic needs, ILP’s, etc.  In the high school, students scores are being taken from PSAT & SAT scores which is good because students take these tests more seriously than CMAS tests.  Joel asked about how the school preps students for these tests.  The school is diving into more prep in the classroom for these tests and offers a few special prep workshops during the school year.  The same attention to students in the Academic Growth areas will be given in the High school as in the Middle school.  These framework results are available on the school’s website.
  • Discussion of Amendment 73. Dr Leslie Nichols presented info about this.  She also made the same presentation at the PTA meeting.

      8. Unscheduled Business:  

MS getting rid of cell phones has been a non issue. Ping pong has been a fun addition for lunch entertainment. Lisa Hart has not heard any complaints.  A few kids have had to turn their phones in when found using them during lunch.  

Sally brought up the Safe Route-which has improved, but not all parents/kids are following the new protocol. The town won’t plow the sidewalk that runs along 135/Gothic road corridor so that will help.  Sally is asking for all of us to help change the behavior.  Have older kids hand out seek the peak tickets was an idea.    Ask the Marshal’s office to have officers stand there and deter kids who are not using the safe route.  Bob Piccaro could also speak to these students.

      9. Next Meeting: November 7th, 2018 at 4pm in CBCS library