What We Give

In the 2018-2019 school year, CBCS PTA donated over $50,000 to our school community!

This includes purchasing/funding for:


50 Chromebooks and 2 Computer Carts $8,200
2 Tetherball Sets for the Playground $1,200
5th Grade Snow Science Day (only partly funded by PTA)
($500 for Students’ direct ask + other $ allocated by Principal from PTA funds)
Kindergarten: Big Block Sets and books $800
1st Grade: non-fiction books $600
2nd Grade: Alternative Seating $1500
3rd grade: headphones with mics $200
Specials: STEAM equip, trikes, instruments, stools $2800
Interventionist Team: funds to extend tutoring program $500
(Subtotal for Individual Grade Items above: $5,000)


4 Lap Top Carts $2,300
10 I-pads (for Music Composition) $3,940
30 Graphing Calculators $3,240
Padding for the High School Gym Walls $1,498
After School Tutoring $7,000

All Levels:

2 New Bike Racks $2,000
Storage Container $3,300
2 Laminators $2,200

Programs that we help fund year after year:

Seek the Peak

Mountain Roots Farm-to-School Program

AP Art Memory Project

Celebrate the Beat

Nordic Ski for PE

Ski for PE (Alpine – supplemented when needed)

GCSAPP/ Choice Pass

After Prom

Monthly Staff Appreciation Luncheons

Advocating at the State Level for Fair Funding and Legislation for Public Schools

PTA also organizes other programs including the School Supply Program, Original Artworks, and also helps with other events including the High School Awards Breakfast.