Youth Wellness and Mental Health Information

Crested Butte Youth Wellness requested that the following information be shared with parents of the Crested Butte Community School.  Good mental health is integral to our children’s success.  Please take a moment to read their letter to the community.  Thank you.

 Dear Trusted Adults and Community Members,

     As members of the community that are trusted by the youth, we would like to share an opportunity with you so you can pass it along to the Crested Butte youth. This past spring and summer a group of students created a program called Crested Butte Youth Wellness to allow for 2 free counseling sessions to be available for teens ages 12 and up. This program gives the youth an opportunity to meet with professional counselors for a confidential discussion.

With the goal of improving the mental health of our youth, we hope that you, as trusted adults, will share this opportunity with the teens in the community, and make it an encouraged resource. Stress, anxiety, addiction, relationships, family conflicts, COVID-19, emotional abuse, depression, suicide, and school are just some of the topics that could be covered. We want all youth to feel comfortable seeking help and professional discussion/advice.

     We encourage that the youth reach out to us via our email address to make an appointment. Additionally, more information can be found on our website regarding our program and available sign up times.  

     Mental health is important to take care of, and now more than ever our youth need support. As this program is for the youth, please respect their wishes in whether or not they want to use this opportunity, however please make them aware that they have Crested Butte Youth Wellness free counseling as an option. 

     We want to thank the Town of Crested Butte and Town of Mt. Crested Butte for financially supporting this program.

Thank you for your time and happy summer!

Crested Butte Youth Wellness